Pain Management

Pain management is an important part of recovery from illness or injury. Pets feel pain and discomfort just as people do; though, since they are unable to tell us in words, it often goes unrecognized. Recognizing and treating pain appropriately can increase quality of life in our patients and hasten recovery.

Studies in people have shown that those who receive appropriate pain management postoperatively recover more quickly and have fewer complications. But do animals feel pain and require pain management in the same way that people do? The answer is yes! Veterinary science supports that all mammals have the same neuroanatomical structures that humans have to perceive pain, and pain medications should NOT be withheld from animals. Signs of pain in animals may include panting, pacing, unusual vocalization, reluctance to move around, decreased appetite, change in sleeping patterns, and aggression. Clinical studies show that a multi-modal approach to pain management is far more effective than a single agent approach. Our veterinarians are well informed on the many types of pain management available including non-pharmaceutical options.

Owners should never give human medicine or over the counter drugs to pets unless directed by a veterinarian as these products may be toxic to pets even in small doses. If you think your pet is in pain, please call our office to arrange a consultation.

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